Candy Apple with Nuts - $1.99


CANDY APPLE NUTTY - Candy apples are a common treat during the fall months, but you can have Cromer’s candy apples anytime of the year. These fresh, crisp apples are dipped in a bright red lip-smacking candy coating! And if you’re a peanut fan then we have delicious candy coated apples rolled in nuts….nothing could be more delightful! Our candy apples are made to order to guarantee freshness! Refrigeration recommended for longer life.

Because of short shelf-life (4 days), candy apples can be shipped only on special request. Customer must take responsibility for them.

Bring back happy and nostalgic days with these candy apples!

NOTE:  Please order these items at least 48 hours before they need to be shipped, as they must be properly refrigerated so you receive the freshest product possible.  An "in-hands" date is required in your order's notes so we know when to process the order.  Overnight delivery is required to ensure maximum freshness for all perishable product.  Cromer's is not responsible for spoiled product if you choose to not ship properly or if the weather is unseasonably warm and causes the product to defrost more than intended.  Candy apples can be made in any denomination.