Field Trips

Cromer's has always been a fun place for kids to come visit and now we want to take it to another level with offering scheduled field trips and birthday party packages for our younger customers! 

Field Trips:

Come to Cromer's and take a fun tour with the friendly folks who make our tasty treats! 

Tours include:

  • Seeing Cromer's through our retail store back into food processing where all of our snacks are made!
  • Meeting the people who make Cromer's so great!
  • A small bag of popcorn for each child to snack on during their visit!
  • A taste of cotton candy while they watch it being spun in person!
  • A 2 oz. bag of our delicious, creamy and double-coated caramel corn!
  • A fun facts activity page to color and learn!

Tours are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 am, 12 pm or 2 pm only. This is when it is best to see all the food production folks in full swing! Each tour will take about an hour total. This includes the tour itself, time to fill out activity sheets and time to shop our store for more treats to take home. No one under 4 years of age will be permitted on the tours. This is simply because Cromer's is a very fun place, but with our large machinery, it can be dangerous for smaller, more curious "peanuts!" Up to 20 people maximum will be allowed on each tour including adults. If you have a larger class or group, you will have to split them into smaller groups and schedule separate times for their visits. Often times, we will be able to schedule them at the next time slot of that same day. This is done so that everyone can be kept track of and everyone can hear and get a good view of all the fun stuff going on!

Field trips are $50 for up to 20 people, which must be paid in full at least one week in advance of your tour date. No tours will be scheduled more than a month in advance. Once your payment is received, your date and time will be reserved. A 48-hour cancellation policy is in place and if you cancel within 48 hours of your tour time, you will be refunded the $50 by check within 5 business days. Any cancellation on shorter notice (barring natural disaster) will not be refunded. If you have a large group and need to split them into smaller ones, each smaller group will be $50 a piece; for every hour-long tour. If there is not a natural disaster and you need to reschedule for a later time, it will be $50 for the new time dependent on availability. No exceptions.

Also, as a reminder: Our store and manufacturing area are, plain and simple, full of peanuts. They are what our company was built on! So, if you have anyone in your party who is allergic to peanuts or tree nuts, please take the proper precautions as you WILL come in contact with peanuts. 

If you are interested in booking a tour, please email